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Wheel Respoking





Wheels are the focal point of any restoration. We can restore your wheels to your requirements.

  • Respoke using galvanised spokes and nipples (standard spokes for many on/off road bikes)
  • Respoke using unpolished stainless spokes (looks like galvanised but does not rust, popular for classics etc)
  • Respoke using polished stainless spokes (chrome like finish with no rusting)
  • Italian chrome rims (economy original style rim)
  • English chrome rims (rim chromed after drilling with better quality chrome)
  • Stainless steel rims (no rust rim, used with stainless spokes for the best long term finish)
  • Alloy rims (valanced or non valanced for trials, classics and motocross)

At Shirebrook Motorcycles we can offer a complete service:

  • Hubs can be cleaned up during rebuilds, and can be polished/blasted/painted/powdercoated etc
  • In house fast turnaround for spoke sets and rebuilds
  • Alloy rims in stock
  • Car spokes made
  • Security bolts, rim tapes, tyres, tubes, sprockets, chains supplied and fitted

IMPORTANT - Always speak to the wheelbuilder before stripping your wheel, you may need to take measurements.

Please ring for further details and prices.      
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